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While I absolutely hate the "Oooh, Christmas is coming soon!" attitude as early as in September, it's a bit different when it comes to planning handmade gifts, since those tend to take a little time.

So here's what I'm planning for gifts:

Mum - A new scarf. The one I knitted back in '06 is worn out a long time ago, and while I'm hardly the most advanced knitter ever, I've processed far beyond garter stitch scarves. I'm thinking I'll go for Spectra, since I love how it looks, probably in turquoise and browns. Possibly a hat, as well, though I must keep in mind that she has a tiny head. She's a hat size 6 – 5/8.

Sister - She wants long socks. Must inquire if she has a colour in mind. If not, I'll make them grey and white varigated, I think. Possibly using Very Tall Socks.

Also, moose hat. My sister loves all thing moose-related, so I see some version of this in her future.

Mum's boyfriend - Possibly a Trilobite hat? It's a bit of an in-joke. Might have to modify; I have a tight gauge and he has a big head. Use bigger needles, maybe?


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